Upcoming Classes & Programs

We don’t have any classes going on at the moment; We are going through some changes & re-evaluating a few things but we hope to have some coming soon…

If you have any class suggestions at this time please contact us!

Kindred Parents delivers a wide range of parent-child recreational programs throughout the year that focus upon various aspects of child development, and family recreation. Our classes typically run for varying terms throughout the year, however, we do need at least 5 participants registered for the classes to run. We are always looking to change-up our programs and incorporate new classes in our schedule to keep things fresh for our families, so be sure to check back here often!

If you have any questions regarding our classes, please feel free to get in touch with one of our wonderful facilitators! The age range listed for each program are only meant to be a guide, don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure of which class would be best suited to your child

Registration Information

Registration for our current line-up of classes is now open!

You may register for the full-term by:

  • Visiting us in-person
  • Calling us at 905-800-1444
  • Emailing us at chris@kindredparents.com or brook@kindredparents.com

Fees are due in full on the day of the first class.  

Please note, drop-in participants are welcome whenever we have a term of classes running (just call or email to let us know on days you plan to attend). However, we require at least 5 participants registered in each class for the full duration of the program, otherwise that class will be postponed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!